Best Done-For-You Amazon Sites to Rank and Bank

Generating affiliate income utilizing Amazon is tricky. The commission rates aren’t the best available in the affiliate world, but the name recognition of the retailer plus the wide array of products available make it an easy way to create a passive income if you know what you’re doing.

Amazon affiliate sites aren’t too difficult to produce, either. Throw up some great content targeting buyer terms, work some magic with on-site and off-site optimization, promote your content properly and you’ll see traffic and sales start to come in relatively easily.

Sounds great on paper, right? Well, the biggest challenge when it comes to making money with the Amazon affiliate program is, of course, loading a website up with engaging content that converts visitors into customers.

These days you HAVE to have superb content – and a LOT of it to realize the true potential of any site and make it profitable!

Done-for-You Amazon Affiliate Sites

If you’re writing the content yourself it can take quite a while. Outsourcing can also be a pain. There are so many “content services” and “writers” that either produce pure junk or just don’t know how to generate content that converts that you can burn through a TON of money with little to no return on your investment.

Combine that with the fact that it can be challenging to find profitable Amazon affiliate niches and you’ve got a recipe for a money-sucking disaster on your hands.

Lucky for you, you’ve happened across Blue Anchor Marketing. Our done-for-you Amazon affiliate website service may be the answer to all of your troubles.

Why Utilize Blue Anchor for Amazon Sites?

With our service, we provide exceptional value, high-quality content, and a GUARANTEE that Amazon affiliate sites you contract us to build will turn a profit as long as you follow our detailed Amazon affiliate guide. The sites we produce are 100% ready to rank and bank!

Each DFY (done for you) site comes equipped with:

  • 20 to 100 pages of high-quality, engaging, conversion-rate smashing content
  • One “buyer’s guide” style piece of 2000-3000 words or more
  • 10 product review pages of 1000+ words
  • 9 additional, relevant pages targeting info and buyer-related keywords of 1000 words or more
  • Recommended, known-to-be profitable Amazon niches
  • Relevant images, videos, and other multimedia built-in
  • Custom logo included
  • Unique, branded domain and website name
  • Dedicated Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram accounts are included
  • A complete guide to content promotion, recommended SEO strategies, and traffic generation tips
  • FAST turnaround time so you can get your Amazon affiliate site and start working on generating sales ASAP
  • And MUCH more!

Simply put – our service is THE best option to get the BEST Amazon affiliate websites set up and ready to roll!


The content for each site is 100% unique, handwritten, crafted for engagement and conversions, written by a U.S. native with 10 years of experience (Brad, the founder of Blue Anchor Marketing himself), optimized for optimal performance in Google, and designed to generate sales.

This isn’t junk content. So many services and writers stuff sites with a ton of irrelevant fluff, grammatically incorrect sentences, poor spelling, and other forms of content that are simply off-putting to visitors. Blue Anchor Marketing takes great pride in providing only the best content we have to offer.

No fluff, no spelling or grammar errors, no awful reading flow, no lack of customer appeal – our content will grab the reader’s attention and give them the gentle push they need to whip out their credit card and make a purchase!


On top of being loaded with great content, each of our done-for-you Amazon affiliate sites is properly optimized utilizing proven methods that help boost the rankings of the main page as well as supporting pages.

We utilize internal-linking strategies, best practices when it comes to optimizing each page, and more to give your site a robust, powerful structure that boosts organic rankings and helps pull in traffic from Google. The sites are more than capable of ranking well for high-traffic, medium-competition phrases – but also rank exceptionally well for low-competition, long-tail keywords that, ultimately, bring the most visitors overall.

Sounds Great, But What’s the Cost?

Despite the fact that we provide the most value you can possibly get in this industry, we also price our service to make it affordable. After all, you have to make a return on your investment in a reasonable amount of time. We charge a rate that’s easy on the wallet and helps you get rocking and in profit as soon as possible.

20 Page Site

This is our entry-level package. A 20-page website is the bare minimum we recommend to see results. That’s a great start for a site that you’re wanting to start seeing pop in the Google search results.

Price$1200 $699 (limited time special)

40 Page Site

If you’re looking for a mid-level Amazon site that doubles down on the average affiliate marketer’s efforts, this option is a great one to take advantage of. It includes a LOT more content for an even better value. This is 40 pages of pure, rank-worthy content that’ll land you more hits across both major and LSI keywords.

Price $2400 $1199 (limited time special)

80 Page Site

For the affiliate marketer that wants to get serious, but doesn’t have the budget to spring for our 100-page mega-site. This is still a beefy contender that can out-muscle nearly any other affiliate website you may be in competition with.

Price $4800 $1999 (limited time special)

100 Page Site

The ULTIMATE done-for-you Amazon affiliate site! This is a massive, content-packed site that is capable of driving massive traffic and generate TONS of sales once it’s ranked. With this much content the site essentially automatically establishes itself as an authority within the specified niche, starts dominating rankings for long-tail phrases very quickly, and is set up for major success.

Price $6000 $2999 (limited time special)

Training and Usage

Whether you’re brand new to the affiliate marketing world or a seasoned vet, with every site sold we provide an in-depth guide to utilizing your newly purchased website.

Our guides include training on how to further optimize your site, suggestions for generation additional content, traffic generation strategies that are proven to drive real, converting visitors to your site, and a whole lot more.

We even provide access to videos that show you how to find more profitable Amazon affiliate niches to go after, best practices for creating content that captures the reader’s attention and leads them to become a buyer, how to up your earnings with conversion-boosting tactics, how to take advantage of holiday rushes, and other handy info that will help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

Here are the bonuses you’ll receive with each done-for-you website purchase:

  • List of 10-20 additional keywords to target
  • Amazon affiliate marketing guide
  • On-site and off-site optimization guides
  • Tips and tricks for increasing conversion rates
  • Templates for creating stellar, converting content
  • Guides for dominating during Christmas and other holidays or special occasions
  • High-quality, sale-inducing traffic generation guide
  • Best practice videos covering content, creating high-converting calls-to-action, how to pick profitable niches, and more

In other words… we’re here to help YOU succeed.

Ready to Get Started?

If so, please reach out to Brad via one of the following methods:

  • Email –
  • Skype – Brada7x
  • Facebook

You can expect a response within 24-48 hours. We don’t play around! We’re ready to discuss your project with you, help you make a decision on a great niche, and get started on your done-for-you Amazon affiliate website right away!

Is the Amazon Affiliate Program Good?

Amazon affiliate sites are one of the most profitable sources of revenue. They’re easy to set up, simple to manage, can generate $1000s in affiliate commissions every month, and there are so many products and niches to target, competition is almost always not an issue.

So, yes – the Amazon affiliate program is good. There are other affiliate programs you can join and make great money from – ones that pay much higher commission rates, but Amazon makes it easy with a huge product selection, great customer service, superb reputation, and more. Plus, even if you direct someone to purchase a specific item and they decide to purchase something else – you still get credit for that sale and a commission for referring it.

This is why it’s relatively easy to rack up tons of sales via the Amazon affiliate program. A click-through for one product can easily turn into one visitor purchasing 3, 5, or even 10 different items and you’ll get commissions on every one of the sales.

As we stated earlier – the biggest hurdle with Amazon is producing a ton of great content that will rank well and drive visitors to make a purchase.

With the Blue Anchor Marketing Done-For-You Amazon Affiliate Site service, that problem is a thing of the past. We provide exceptional content that is already optimized for profitable keywords, branded domains that help to establish trust and authority within a visitor’s mind, and superior post-sale support to guide you to a healthy, passive income that will create a return on your investment in as little time as possible.

We develop the very best Amazon affiliate sites in the industry. Our content is superior to competing services, our prices are much more reasonable, our support is phenomenal, and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised

We go above and beyond for our customers to ensure success and satisfaction with every single purchase.