High-Quality Content that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Once upon a time in the digital world the saying “content is king” was more prevalent than anything. That phrase has been kicked around for years, but, sadly, not everyone took it to heart. The truth is – content IS king. Sure, you can rank well in Google with mediocre articles with the right backlinks picking up the slack, but you’ll be missing out on the true potential of your website and rankings.

Why Invest in Better Content?

Great content that reads well, grabs the visitor’s attention, and guides them to your objective is more valuable than many realize.

Superior content not only leads to better rankings – it delivers lower bounce rates, higher conversions, more engagement, and better qualified leads for whatever your offer may be.

Quality content will also help cut down your off-site optimization costs. The fact of the matter is – when your site is loaded with beefy, beautifully crafted, and exceptionally optimized content… you don’t need as many links to get the rankings you want!

Let me say it again for those in the back…

Great content = better rankings + higher conversions + lower bounce rates + more engagement

Basically… it’ll make your online ventures more profitable, period.

How Does Blue Anchor Help with This?

Blue Anchor Marketing specializes in high-quality content generation services. All pieces are well-researched, properly optimized, written in perfect English by a U.S. native, sprinkled with LSI keywords to boost your chances of ranking for multiple phrases, and delivered in a very timely manner compared to most services.

Content services are headed-up by none other than Brad Jones – a seasoned veteran in the digital marketing world that’s published 1000s of articles on the web across a plethora of subjects.

You’ll get stellar content at an incredible value and have it delivered to you, ready for publication – free of grammatical and spelling errors. We take pride in our content.

ALL Blue Anchor Marketing content pieces are:

  • Well-researched
  • Written by a U.S. native with 10 years of experience
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Delivered FAST
  • Optimized for your keyword and LSI alternatives

All content orders MUST BE paid in full prior to work being completed. This isn’t a charity service, nor do we not make good on content deliveries. If revisions are requested, they will be made immediately.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our rate is very reasonable given the quality of work that we deliver. We believe we provide the most bang for your back when it comes to content generation.

This isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill, “article writing” service. Our content quality exceeds that of the vast majority of writers on freelance and gig-type marketplaces as well as most services offered on SEO or marketing forums.

If you want cheap, incomprehensible content that won’t rank or turn visitors into customers – you’re in the wrong place!

At Blue Anchor Marketing we take great pride in delivering exceptional content at a reasonable rate. Plus, we get the job the done right – the FIRST time and get content to you speedily.

That means you get superbly written, proofread, 100% unique, rank-ready content in what will feel like a blink of an eye compared to most other services.

What Types of Content?

This is a pretty standard question with a relatively standard answer..

We will work on just about any kind of content, minus pieces related to anything illegal, drug-related, or otherwise offensive.

The content types we specialize in include:

  • Amazon product reviews for affiliate sites
  • Clickbank product reviews
  • Product reviews in general
  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Long-form content
  • “Best of” or “Buyer’s Guide” style articles

The only thing we tend to stray away from is technical content. It’s just not up our alley.

Ready to Give Us a Try?

If you’re ready to invest in your online business and get stellar content that’ll boost your bottom-line – let’s get started!

Reach out to our head writer and owner of the company, Brad Jones, directly to discuss your content project, get a quote, and have your content order started immediately.

Brad can be reached utilizing the following contact methods:

  • Email – brad@blueanchormarketing.com
  • Skype – brada7x
  • Facebook

Contact him today and let’s get rocking so we can help you boost your online presence, increase your web traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and rake in those leads and sales!